3 Best Chatbots for 2021

A chatbot is a software that performs various automated work like scheduling appointments, analyzing data, and stuff like that. Chatbots are usually present in chat platforms and are designed for carrying out the conversation. The unlimited availability of chatbots and its access to a wide range of information makes it far more advanced than humans.
Chatbots are designed to fulfil all your needs like suggesting responses, sending offers, and much more. There are several chatbots present each having different and unique features. In this, we have listed the 3 best chatbots of 2021.

1. SurveySparrow Chatbot

This chatbot is designed by SurveySparrow. It allows you to control the flow of the bot. These chatbots can be placed strategically so that you can unfold it when you need it. The chat may get started when a user opens the site, spends some time on the website, or scrolls on the website. SurveySparrow Chatbot allows you to do more than just conversation. The chatbot can also be used as a feedback collecting platform that allows you to collect the information regarding individual website visitors. This chatbot from SurveySparrow will help in easily getting the lead.

2. Microsoft Bot Framework

It is also referred to as Azure Bot Service. This chatbot is famous for its integration with the whole tech ecosystem. You can connect it to the online site, app, Telegram, Messenger, SMS, Slack, Skype, Cortana, and so on. The cognitive intelligence skills of the chatbot allow is to give smart recommendations, translate or recognize the users in the images.
The bot includes tough integration with APIs from Microsoft that include Bing search, Tex Analytics, and Cognitive Services. This chatbot usually targets travel, banking, and entertainment industries. The voice commands that are incorporated in the framework of this bot helps the organizations in streamlining their activities.

3. Flow XO

Flow XO is the most controversial chatbot platform but still, it is amongst the best 3 chatbots because of its more than 100 built-in integrations and modules. Another key feature of this bot is the easy-to-use editor. It also has hundreds of pre-built-in templates that will save you your precious time. Flow XO can be used for carrying out several difficult tasks and scheduling tasks is one of them. With the help of this chatbot, you can easily execute personalized Java scripts for a given period.
It also has a feature that saves your data and analyzes and tracks it for you using Google Sheets and Trello. If you own a business and have a website or a social media account for your business then chatbots are a great way of improving the customer experience.
If you own a chatbot then the users hooping onto your website will be able to get answers to their queries and this will reduce your cost of hiring a human worker. Using a chatbot you can create some responsive set of answers to the common queries without having any knowledge of codes.
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