7 Facebook Advertising Guidelines

Facebook Algorithm makes it difficult for the businesses to get their posts to the potential customers. Thus they use Facebook Ads to for increased visibility. In this article, we have compiled all the information about Facebook Ads that could be beneficial for you.

Guidelines for Facebook Ads

1.Define the Goals

For starting your Facebook Ad campaign you will have to first select your campaign’s objective. You can find about 11 marketing objectives.  After you have decided on your goals you will have to choose at least one objective that matches your goals. In conversion type objective you will have to pay for action and on the other hand for exposure type objectives you will have to pay per impression.

2.Giving the Campaign a Name

After you are done with your objective you will then have to name your campaign. When you scroll down the menu on Facebook Ad Campaign you will see an option of conducting A/B split test and budget optimization. Thus you can also select them. If you don’t want to run multiple ads then you should select the budget optimization. You can select that what points your ad may focus on.

3.Creating Ad Account

If you have not registered your Facebook Ad then you will first have to get yourself registered. You will have to fill the details like country name, currency, time zone, and other related details.

4.Specifying the Target Audience

After you have registered yourself you will have to then define the target market in the account. Two options are present in the Facebook Ad Account. The first option is of selecting the parameters of a custom target audience while the second one is selecting predefined parameters for the target audience. The specified parameters include age, gender, location, etc. You can also perform a refined audience targeting using Facebook. Moreover, you can also include or exclude people who are connected with you.

5.Placement of  Facebook Ad

In your Facebook ad account, you will get 3 different types of ad placement categories which are Device type, Operating Systems, and Platform. If you have used Facebook ads for the first time then you should go with an automatic placement option because with automatic placement Facebook takes care of the placement of your ads on Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. After gaining a little bit of experience you will be able to take over the reins of ad placement.


After you have provided all specifications to the ads you can then decide the budget and schedule. You can control the budget depending on your preference giving you full control over your money. When it comes to scheduling the ads you will have to find the time your target audience is active and then set the time for showing your ads accordingly. On Facebook ads, you can also select between daily and lifetime budgets for making the schedules for future ads.

7.Creating the Ad

After completing all of the above information you will have to then select the format of the ad. You should ensure that the ad format is made according to the campaign objectives. After you have selected the format you have to upload photos, video or text. Then see the preview of the ad and if you are satisfied with it then you can create the ad. When your ad gets approved you will receive a notification on your email from Facebook.

Size of  Facebook Ads

1. Photo Ads

  • 25 characters headline
  • 30 characters link description
  • Body text with 125 characters

2. Video Ads

  • 25 characters headline
  • 30 characters link description
  • Body text of 125 characters

3. Slideshow Ads

  • 25 characters headline
  • 30 characters link description
  • Body text of 125 characters

4. Carousel Ads

  • 40 characters headline
  • 20 characters link description
  • Body text of 125 characters

5. Instant Experience Ads

  • No limit for headline
  • Link description is not applicable
  • Body Text of 90 characters


You will find a wide range of ads available on Facebook. So we would recommend you to choose the type of your ad wisely so that it fulfills your objectives. Publishing the right types of Facebook ads will help you get the right type of audience.
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