5 ways to grow your Instagram followers


Instagram is the most loved social media platform and this is due to several reasons. It is visual, it allows you to post deep insights, get connected with other Instagrammers from your niche and inspire them, learn from them, and get inspired by them. If you are looking forward to increasing your Instagram followers then you should follow the following strategies.

5 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers:

1.Engaging with Followers

It is very important to keep engaged with your followers. You will surely have to talk to them and you can this by searching the hashtags that are relevant to your niche. After that find an image like it and comment on it. Make sure that the comment is positive and compliments the user. You can also engage with them by asking them questions. With the help of this, they will open your profile and if they like what is on your profile they will follow you. This process requires a lot of time but it will give you big results.

2.Using Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a great of discovering new profiles and new images on Instagram. So you can let other people find you on Instagram by posting a hashtag on your image that makes sense. You can get some best hashtags from #TagForLikes. You can have up to 30 hashtags on each of your images and #TagForLikes has a list of several hashtags so you just have to copy and paste it on your images.

3. Create a Widget on Your Website

Everybody tries hard to get traffic to their website and give them a 360-degree view of their presence so that they can interact. For this purpose, it is necessary to have all the social links available on the website. Several website plugins are available that allow you to display your Instagram images on the sidebar. This is a great way to attract followers by displaying Instagram images on your site.

4.Post-Right Thing at Right Time

Several studies have been conducted to identify the best time for posting on social media. But since mobile has made Instagram a 24/7 network, therefore, there is no wrong time of posting. Sundays and Mondays are the best time of posting so never exclude these. The best time for posting also depends on followers. Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool that monitors the engagement patterns of your followers and identifies the best time for you to post.

5.Sponsored Posts and Follower Exchanges

In a sponsored post a person pays money to another Instagram user for promoting the account. The cost of sponsored posts may depend on the number of followers you want to have. You should select the profiles that are similar to your niche so that when your profile is promoted it looks authentic. Follower exchanges are also similar to sponsored posts but in this, you don’t have to pay them. Instead, you promote them in return.
Social media is all about being yourself and strengthening your connections with other people. So if you keep authentic then you will surely get what you want. Following the above-given steps will help you in increasing your followers on Instagram.
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