Tips on How to Handle Rejections When Making Cold Calls

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Fear and rejection are probably the only two emotions that are common to all sales professionals. And when you’re making cold calls, it’s crucial to understand what rejection means and how you can improve to deal with it the best way.

 You need to accept that rejection is a natural thing when you’re making cold calls. It’s not easy to deal with it or to overcome it, so, here are 5 tips that will help you:

Don’t Take It Personally:

If you get rejected several times in a row, you might start thinking there might be a problem with you, and that people are rejecting you instead of what you’re selling. This isn’t true. If you’re having some friends over and you offer them something to drink and they say no, will you feel rejected? No, you won’t. They’re simply not thirsty. And this is exactly what happens when you’re making cold calls and people reject you. They’re not actually rejecting you but they ‘re simply not interested in what you’re offering.

 Adopt A Positive Attitude:

 Before you start the cold call, try to think in a positive way. Think that you will succeed and you’ll be able to make the sale. Even if you don’t notice, your voice shows if you’re excited or just dull. And by having a positive attitude, you’ll feel more confident, and that will show in your voice.

Focus On The Positive:

 Don’t just keep reminding about how many times you got a “no”. There are times when you make a sale and this is what you should remember and focus on. You can also take advantage of it and see if you did anything different that lead to a positive outcome. This will not only help you handling rejection as it will help you leverage your skills.

The Success Rate:

 You know there is an approximate number of calls you need to make to make a sale. So, the more people say no to your offer, the more closely you are to making it. It’s just not possible to sell to everyone you talk to.

 Talk With Your Co-Workers:

 No one better than your co-workers will understand you. Just talk to them and share your thoughts and frustrations. They’ve been there and they’re most probably already doing something that helps them. This exchange of ideas might be great for both of you since you might even get some helpful tips.

 Stick To Your Routine:

 If you usually make a certain number of calls during the day, maintain the same number. Even if you feel like quitting, you just can’t because you still didn’t make enough calls.

 There is no success without some failures along the way. And this is just how you should handle rejection when you’re making cold calls. Make sure you are persistent and that you follow these five tips and you’ll be handling rejection a lot better.

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