Your Most Powerful Sales Prospecting Tool The Telephone

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With the increasing popularity of social media and online marketing, it is understandable that some businesses have deemed the telephone as an outdated tool for securing prospective customers. Yet, this is far from true. Telemarketing is still one of the leading methods that businesses use to generate leads for their growing business. The reason is simple. Telemarketing works. It is one of the most powerful tools for any type of business, including beauty salons, because telemarketing offers several advantages.

Telemarketing is the most economical marketing tool besides old fashioned word-of-mouth. While telephones are a necessity for businesses, there is no additional costs associated with this method of marketing. A receptionist at a salon can be assigned dual roles, which include making outbound calls to prospective clients. Keeping sales calls in house has proven to be especially effective because no one knows a business better than those that are employed at the business. Not only does in house sales calls save dollars, but ensures that there is accuracy in the description of services or products being offered. This makes it more likely that prospective clients will develop enough trust to visit the salon or at least visit the business’s website.

Social media offers large business exposure, but chances are those individuals aren’t members of a business’s target market. Telemarketing yields the opportunity to directly target people most likely interested. Although this requires extensive research and work, having a list of contacts most likely interested in salon services is well worth the hassle. It increases the likelihood of the calls being converted into real business.

Most other types of marketing are indirect. Commercials, mail, and online advertisement bombards a prospective customer with information. It is easy to ignore these methods. Yet, telemarketing, if conducted well, provides businesses the unique opportunity to connect with new clients and build rapport. Rapport is especially important with beauty salons. Potential clients may have several questions that they want to ask prior to visiting a salon. Telemarketing opens the door to great communication and can help a prospective customer feel more comfortable. Furthermore, telemarketing is an incredible way to stand out, especially for beauty salons. Potential clients can expect to receive mail or see a commercial from a beauty salon, but being called on the phone and personally invited to visit a salon is a great way for a salon to distinguish itself from its competitors.

So, beauty salons should not overlook the power of the telephone. Instead, they should take advantage of the one tool, the telephone, which has withstood the test of time when it comes to marketing. While other salons are getting lost in the online advertisement clutter or being tossed in the trash after an ineffective mail campaign, salons that rely on telemarketing will most likely expand their client base through this method.

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